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Black and Decker Juicer Review: The JE2400BD Juice Extractor

Black and Decker Juicer Review: The JE2400BD Juice Extractor

Juicers make our daily lives easier! The Black+Decker JE2400BD 400-watt fruit and vegetable juicer is one of the best centrifugal juicers for home use. In this Black and Decker review, we explore in detail how this product can be your perfect kitchen companion in the years ahead.

Black and Decker Juicer Review: Defining Features of the JE2400BD

The Black+Decker 400-Watt juice extractor has worth-noting features for your amazing juicing experience.


  1. Large 28-ounce pulp container
  2. Dishwasher-safe parts
  3. Sleek upright space-saving design
  4. Affordable


  1. Not BPA-free
  2. Small feed chute
  3. Difficult to assemble/disassemble

The Design

Just like with any other product, the look of your juicer is actually quite necessary.

The JE2400BD has a portable style and a basic appearance that makes it (and also extract made) more attractive. This layout is going to additionally be vital in conserving more space in your cooking area; its sizes are thirteen inches tall as well as 9 inches vast. What is actually even more? It has a built-in cord-holder where you can easily hide the code when not in use, which makes the extractor even neater.

Safety and security are actually rarely an issue when utilizing this Black+ Decker juicer. It consists of a safety component that enables you to draw out the juice worry-free. Obviously, it goes without stating that you need to observe the instructions carefully and meticulously.

What a recognizable variety of consumers fuss approximately is actually that the equipment is actually rather fragile. Some disclosed the plastic parts came in broken, while others observed it cracking after simply a number of usages. While the JE2400BD is actually a finances juicer, this is still instead disappointing.

 black and decker citrus juicer
Black and Decker Citrus juicer

The Electric moto

The 400-watt motor is not especially powerful amongst juicers of this type. In fact, it comes from the lesser scale of motor power– most various other centrifugal juicers work at 700– 1000 watts. That mentioned this maker has not a problem drawing out the extract from hard materials like carrot or ginger root.

As a centrifuge, this juice machine comes from the louder classification of juicers. Its rubber grounds do assist support the whole device and lessen vibration– consequently noise, yet it is actually still not a lot quieter than a mixer.

This juice extractor features simple operational functions, consisting of an intuitive On-Off change for efficient as well as easier use. Even if you are actually a tech-noob that has consistently tiptoed around electronics devices, you’ll locate the command of this juice machine easy.

Given that the maker possesses a very small passageway, you’ll need to have to reduce the fruits and also veggies into tiny pieces just before positioning them right into the juice machine.


This juice machine possesses a compact and also attractive design; unfortunately, it is actually certainly not the most convenient to assemble and take apart. On the other hand, the majority of its removable components are actually dishwasher-safe so you can wash it with other tools, particularly if you reside in a rush. But you can easily additionally decide to hand-wash it in warm and comfortable water. It is vital that you clean up the machine promptly after juicing to stop undesirable food items smells and any particles coming from adhering to the screen.

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