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Braun Juicer Review – Braun J500 Juicer

Braun Juicer Review – Braun J500 Juicer

Making juice is often slow and tiring as some juicers require the fruits to be cut into smaller chunks. But that’s not the case with the Braun J500 Juicer. Requiring minimal trimming on the insert, its large feed chute allows users to put a whole fruit in and make a drink within a matter of seconds.

Braun Juicer Review: Key Features of The J500


  1. Powerful motor
  2. Fast juicing system
  3. 2.95-inch feed chute
  4. 42-ounce jug with foam separator
  5. Anti-splash and Anti-drip functions
  6. Dishwasher-safe parts
  7. Decent warranty


  1. Loud
  2. Require cleaning after use

Powerful Motor

The Braun J500 Juice machine works with a 900-watt motor. An electric motor with that said a lot of power is going to handle fruits and veggies of all sizes efficiently.

 braun juicer
Braun juicer

Besides that, the juice machine has a function phoned Fast Juicing, which will definitely possess your juice ready in simply 15 seconds.


The juice machine likewise allows you to readjust the velocity along with 2 settings to adapt to the strength of vegetables and also fruit products. The speed setups are composed of a low-speed choice for smooth fruits and a high-speed possibility for hard ones.

The motor possesses a safety and security attribute as well as just functions when these 2 circumstances are actually fulfilled: the juice enthusiast is actually inserted as well as the top is actually totally safeguarded along with the clamp. If the clamp is mistakenly launched or even the collection agency gets loose while the motor is actually operating, it’ll quit working.

Jug with Foam Separator

The dimension of the feed slide is actually measured at 2.95 inches. A slide of those measurements will not demand to dice up the results or vegetables just before supplying, which leads to quick prep time. Processing an entire fruit will certainly remove the best quantity of nutrients coming from the raw products.

Container along with Foam Separator

The jug that includes the Braun J500 possesses a capacity volume of around 42 ozs and is actually likewise geared up along with a foam separator. With that, the foam produced throughout juicing will certainly be actually skimmed out successfully. When pouring, the jug is exclusively created to protect against spills.

 braun citrus juicer
Braun citrus juicer

Anti-Splash and Anti-Drip Spout

Along with the employment of an anti-splash design, the extract emerging from the boast will definitely circulate tidily into the glass.

The J500 also features a functionality named anti-drip that are going to stop drops coming from the boast after use. The functionality can be activated along with just a click of a switch. More facts concerning the function may be found in the manual.

Furthermore, to guarantee the stability of the juicer in the course of procedure, Braun has determined to carry out the non-skid feet layout on the J500. That design is going to get the juice machine’s placement during the course of function.

Dishwasher-Safe parts

All the completely removable components are actually dishwasher-safe. Please keep in mind that you need to have to pre-clean the sacrifice grease before placing all of them into the dishwashing machine– as stated in the user’s manual. Yet if you favor hand-cleaning, it is actually recommended that the dishwashing liquids do not have any type of acidic substances.

The Braun gives 2 years of service warranty on all the parts after the date of purchase.


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