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Breville Sage Big Squeeze Juicer Review

Sage Big Squeeze

What is the Sage Big Squeeze?

It’s much from slow-moving, however. Like other masticating juicers, the Huge Capture has a more cost-effective motor, but likewise the capability to squash and also push fruit and veg efficiently in less than a minute.

The screw-and-filter design enables it to squeeze juice out of fresh fruit and vegetables, and it’s specifically effective with leafed eco-friendlies as well as berries.

The Sage Big Squeeze might appear tricky to construct, but the user’s manual will certainly establish you on the best path. Attaching the drum cover with the feed tube to the juicing dish confirmed the fiddliest bit.

Nevertheless, orange markings on different detachable components will help when it pertains to aligning the various parts appropriately. The orange colour can also be found on the silicone turning wipers that keep the juicing bowl tidy when in operation, which is adorable.

The juicing device is mostly clear, with some metal and dark grey plastic detailing. The plastic-covered screw sits inside the stainless steel mesh filter, which subsequently is sits inside the 400ml juicing dish.

the big squeeze
The Big Squeeze

I tried juicing a variety of fruit and also veg with the Sage Big Squeeze and achieved good overall results. It stood out at juicing leafed greens and also softer fruit– 2 circumstances where centrifugal juicers might struggle as they chuck away lighter pieces without squeezing out all the readily available liquid.

My typical kale examination– 100g of shredded grocery store ranges– produced 60-100ml of juice. During the juicing process, the machine was incredibly peaceful– with the exception of some enjoyable squishing noises.

Spinach seemed to take a little much longer, yet 100g yielded 50ml of juice with a bit of added foam.

While a lot of juicer manuals recommend that you alternate your components throughout juicing, this is most relevant right here. Some littles spinach stayed stuck inside the drum cover, which might have been likely pushed down by other ingredients.


Terrific ability and good returns, however the Sage Big Press is pricey.


  • Respectable general returns.
  • Excellent ability.
  • Quiet.


  • Pricey.
  • Uses up room.
  • Dish washer cleaning ‘not recommended’.

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