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Cuisinart Citrus Juicer Review: The Cuisinart CCJ-500

Cuisinart Citrus Juicer Review: The Cuisinart CCJ-500

A glass of freshly squeezed oranges makes breakfast complete. It’s healthy, tasty, and refreshing.

However, making this juice is a whole different story. It can be a struggle for some! You have to squeeze a whole lot of oranges which is a tricky task, especially when you do it with bare hands. It always ends with strained and sticky hands, which is not something anyone would like. The standard tools can help you, but they are not always effective.

Well, you can avoid it all by using an innovative device that can squeeze the oranges and all such fruits for you— the Cuisinart CCJ-500 Citrus juicer.

CCJ-500 Cuisinart Citrus Juicer Review– Features Revealed


  1. Easy to clean
  2. Versatile reamer
  3. BPA-free
  4. Rugged steel body
  5. 3-year warranty
  6. Auto-reversal technology
  7. Multiple speed settings


Inconsistent reserve feature

  1. Inconsistent reserve feature
  2. Prone to clogging

Robust Build Quality

Coming from the initial consider the device, you will definitely find it really eye-catching. It has a brushed steel lesser construct that appears best along with the touch of shiny plastic on the best. The enticing glass lid upon the framework further adds a little bit of class to it.

Coming from the inner side, you will certainly find a smooth surface reamer resting on the top of the tool, only under the glass lid. This slotted reamer is the part that enters your fruit and draws out its extract. On the frontal edge is actually the log sprout that outputs the drawn-out juices. The part is actually foldable and also you may raise it to prevent leaking.

Efficient Juice Modes

The innovative style of the CCJ 500 makes certain that the unit can easily draw out each and every drop of extract from the fruit. Cuisinart has actually also introduced a turnaround body for this duty. It indicates that if your push, release and after that push the squeezing cone, it will certainly change its rotation path. The attribute makes sure that the reamer may acquire every piece of pulp in the fruit.

 power juicer
Power juicer

After you have drawn out the juice from all the fruit items, you can easily additionally operate it to extract juice coming from the pulp transferred on the reamer.

Multi-size Being compatible

Oranges may not be the only citrus fruit product that you have to press. There are actually lemons, grapefruits, papeda, and a considerable amount of others that come with similar structures. The thing is actually, each of these fruits can be found in numerous measurements, and it ‘d be actually meaningless to maintain various units for all of them.

Consequently, Cuisinart has created this juicer for universal usage. They have made use of a semi-elliptical shaped reamer whose dimension goes on enhancing down the line, ensuring that any citrus fruit, coming from a small lime to a huge grapefruit, can match.

Dishwasher Compatibility

All the relocating aspect of the juice machine are established coming from high-grade BPA-free plastic.

With a basic concept, the machine is extremely easy to well-maintained. The majority of the amount of time, you can get rid of all the pulp just by utilizing just the regular liquid and scrubber.

Just in case you want to go with deep-seated purifying, you can remove the moving components and then clean all of them in the dishwasher without any issues.


The CCJ-500 is indeed an excellent gadget that may entirely get rid of the pressure your hands face while squeezing limes as well as oranges. It is also great in relation to productivity and also safety and security. The following are actually some additional factors that make it an ideal option.


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