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Hurom HU 100 Juicer: Best Selling Hurom Juicer

Hurom HU 100 Juicer: Best Selling Hurom Juicer

This area is going to continue my Hurom juicer review by focusing on the Hurom HU 100 slow-moving juice. The Hurom HU 100 is a first-generation design that comes with the basic 10-year electric motor warranty I like a lot. I will certainly cover the highlights of this version further below as we proceed with my Hurom slow-moving juicer product evaluation.

hurom juicer amazon
Hurom juicer Amazon

The Hurom sluggish juicer HU 100 version does an impressive job when it pertains to juicing. The typical return is enhanced by as high as 35% thanks to its trademarked slow-moving pressing modern technology. This is fantastic for those of us that wish to make certain that each component is used as efficiently as possible.

As for procedure goes, the Hurom HU100 is really easy to operate and put together. The items click together very well and also offer a secure fit. When it involves juicing, the wide mouth chute is excellent for larger vegetables and fruit items. When it comes time to clean-up, the majority of the components are dishwasher safe making this procedure quick and very easy.

hurom hu-100 masticating slow juicer
Hurom hu-100 masticating slow juicer

The motor is effective and very effective. However, you will certainly be surprised at how peaceful it is when you are juicing. The motor runs at just 80 RPMs and uses just 150 watts of power causing a reduction in noise manufacturing. This makes it an excellent choice for those of us that reside in close quarters with our next-door neighbors like apartments as well as an apartment building.

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