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Hurom Juicer Reviews of 2020

Hurom Juicer Reviews of 2020

As a result of the unbeatable appeal, great deals of companies make cool press juicers. Hurom is taken into consideration as one of the most preferred cool press juicer companies in the world. Many juicing enthusiasts even count it as the famous juicer company on the planet. It distributes slow-moving juicers in more than 50 nations all over the globe.

The firm moreover patented numerous slow juicer techniques. The Hurom has been blessed with several notable awards including Red-Dot Award, 2013 Good-Design Honor, SUGGESTION Honor, and 2014 IF Style.

In last few months, I have actually examined numerous sorts of Hurom juicers. My acquirement is that “Hurom is ‘amazing equipment'” and also I love it. Fulfill my new juicers and also see why I have actually enjoyed these reliable and also stylish juicers.

Hurom’s Slow Squeeze Technology

Masticating juicer already uses exceptional juicing results compared to their centrifugal counterparts as discussed over. Nevertheless, Hurom’s sluggish press modern technology is designed to take full advantage of the performance of the mastication technique.

The juicer functions slowly as well as efficiently to guarantee that the juice created keeps as much dietary quality as possible. This includes nutrients that are prone to rapid oxidation like vitamin C.

How Does A Hurom Juicer Work?

To comprehend how these Hurom juicers work it is important to recognize the distinction in between mastication juicers and centrifugal ones. Mastication juicers work by squashing a variety as well as pressing of veggies as well as fruits to create healthy juice. On the other hand, centrifugal juicers work by rotating ingredients at high speed to different juice from the pulp.

The Hurom juicers function by slowly and also carefully squashing active ingredients to produce juice that is as nutritious as possible.They then press the pulp via an unique strainer that is developed to divide as much juice as feasible leading to enhanced returns and also lighter as well as drier pulp. As soon as this procedure completes, you are ready to enjoy your nutritious and also scrumptious juice.

Pros of Hurom Juicers

Powerful Motors: One usual component that the majority of Hurom juicers share is their powerful electric motor layout. This makes sure that the juicer can handle even the most difficult veggies and fruits.

Excellent Service warranties: One more terrific function of Hurom juicers is the conventional 10-year warranty on their electric motors. They likewise have a 2-year warranty on other components that provides a great feeling of confidence in their product layout.

Mastication Technology: Hurom juicers use the mastication approach to essence juice. This leads to boosted nourishment and boosted juice return.

Compact Design: The portable style of Hurom juicers is another great plus for those of us with restricted cabinet space. When not in use, many juicers can quickly fit in the cabinet.

BPA Free: Another fantastic function of Hurom juicers is that they are BPA free. This is a great benefit for those people concerned concerning possibly harmful chemical exposure.

Cons Of Hurom Juicers

Longer Juicing Times: One disadvantage of Hurom juicers is that it takes longer to create your juice. This is because of the slow juicing of modern technology that helps to guarantee your juice retains as much nutritional quality as feasible.

Minor Cost Rise: One more small downside of Hurom juicers is that their purchase rate is a little higher than some comparable designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the products dishwasher risk-free?

The majority of item pieces are dishwasher safe. Some delicate components like the screen need hand cleaning.

Do I have to reduce components before feed right into Hurom juicer?

Some ingredients might confirm to be as well big for the chute. Just reduce them right into smaller items prior to placing if this is the situation.

Are Hurom juicers ideal for making nut milk?

Yes, these items can process nuts right into nut milk.


Hurom juicers are constructed to provide reputable juicing outcomes as well as incorporate powerful motors. However, in terms of supremacy, the Hurom HU 100 series beats its Hurom HH Elite cousin.

It has an electric motor that is virtually two times as effective and includes building materials that supply improved longevity and squashing power. This makes the Hurom HU 100 the best selection for those searching for an exceptional juicer.


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