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Pomegranate Juicer Review: A Cast-iron Manual Press from Unique Imports

Pomegranate Juicer Review: A Cast-iron Manual Press from Unique Imports

You really like the taste of pomegranate juice, but the traditional method of juicing pomegranate stresses you out a lot as you have to scoop out the seeds. Don’t worry, that burden will be removed with the employment of the LavoHome Pomegranate Juicer Commercial Grade.

Unique Imports Pomegranate Juicer Review: The Defining Features


  1. Easy to use
  2. Stainless steel parts and cast-iron body
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Can generate high pressure


  1. May fall forward when a strong force is applied

How to juice a pomegranate in a juicer

The usage of the juicer is pretty straightforward. Place the half-cut pomegranate onto the filter as well as pull down the bar, and you are going to observe the extract dropdown. Always remember to put a dish under the strainer, or your juice will spread over the surface area. It would certainly take time to learn just how to utilize the pomegranate juicer machine however you will certainly obtain used to it ultimately.

This juice machine will certainly save your time matched up to the traditional technique of creating pomegranate extract. Along with the old technique, you have to pick up every single seed prior to you can easily extract all of them. It would certainly take lengthy along with the pomegranate extract as it consists of bunches of seed. That claimed, the job is actually irritating as well as lengthy.

Stainless-steel Components and Cast-iron Body

This juice machine possesses a cast-iron physical body, which implies it’s not simply incredibly durable yet also dependable effective because of its own heavyweight.

The components that are available in contact with the juice are actually made from stainless steel, a component that is known for its longevity and also deterioration resistance. While resilience isn’t essentially needed for this sort of kitchen area device, as it’s generally utilized at room temperature level, which shouldn’t carry out any damage to it, the juice machine will manage to stay in good condition for a long time.

The corrosion resistance component – due to the chromium plating externally – will certainly aid retard the developing of decay due to the higher level of acidity of pomegranate extract juice.

Easy to Clean

One more benefit that features stainless steel is actually that it is actually quick and easy to clean. Some delicate wipe along with dishwasher liquid, white vinegar option, or glass cleaner after each usage will definitely keep it well-maintained.

 best juicer under $100
Best juicer under $100

The stainless steel parts are likewise dishwasher-safe. This suggests they’re produced to hold up against the high temperature of the dishwasher for a substantial period of time and resist the harm that detergents might lead to. That said, it is actually consistently much better to hand-wash as well as dry them instantly after usage. This helps avoid the damage due to extended direct exposure to the acid in the extract.

Create High Pressure

With the ability to generate stress as much as 1,400 PSI, the juicer can manage several fruit products of various ripeness and also toughness amounts. It works also on pomegranate as orange, lemon, as well as various other citrus fruit products.

Sadly, like various other hands-on press juicers, this can easily certainly not take care of excessive power. When you press the handle hard sufficient, the juicer may lose its equilibrium and also fall onward. It is actually advised that you extract a small portion of the fruit product each time to minimize the pressing force needed.

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